The story behind the label

I'm so excited to share with you my journey as a designer, entrepreneur, and mum of three who love to wander the world.

I grew up camping in Australia, and now that I'm a mum myself, I want to give my kids the same meaningful experiences I had growing up. Five years ago, my husband and I took our kids on a seven-month trip up the coast to the tip top of Australia. Here my inspiration and desire grew to start my own business, a business that brings style and comfort to your camp life.

That's why I created Wild and Wandering—to make sure that every family can experience the joys of nature together.

My products are designed to be practical and sustainable to enhance your travels. They are essential and easy to use items that can be used at home or on your many adventures Wild and Wandering focuses on the wellbeing of both 'Little and Big Wanderers' with products that engage all ages in play and support the discovery of what our wonderful land has to offer.                

                                                           Courtney xx